The 3 Things That You Should Consider Before Booking A 5 Star Hotel

5 Star hotels are hotels that are a cut from the rest. There is a big misconception about 5-star hotels. Mostly it’s about the services and over the top amenities. But it’s not, and the ratings are actually more complicated than you thought. You see ratings varies from country per country, and it’s important that guests will know this so that they won’t get their expectations that high. If you are a hotel goer and you were wondering why 5-star hotels are 5 stars in the afirst place, then you need to read further until the end.

As mentioned, ratings vary from country to country. Some countries only have guidelines about the size of the place, and all the modern comfort of modern living, just like a hospital upgrading from a 50 bed capacity hospital to a 1000  bed capacity hospital. While some ratings in other countries treat in getting 5 stars, the same as chefs getting their Michelin stars. So before you visit a country, check how they decide their ratings on which can be considered as a 5 star or not.

The location: The most important of all in choosing a good hotel is the location. If you got a hotel that is near to everything like sites, shopping, food, and transportation, it’s a winner!. Why choose a 5-star hotel that is 30 mins. to 1 an hour away from your destinations when all you do when you come back from your long day of sightseeing and eating is to sleep. It pays to have a good location because you no longer have to look at the edge of the map just to know where you’re going, and your phone’s GPS will love you. If that hotel happens to be a 5 star, then much better.

The price: It’s no denying that 5-star hotels are expensive and sometimes over the top expensive. If you want to stay in a 5-star hotel on a budget, then you need to consider your option. Like booking ahead, time your vacations when they have promotions and discounts, or get the cheapest one they have. Staying in a 5-star hotel doesn’t mean that you have to be rich, sometimes you’re just privileged enough to stay in one.

The service: The service is a make or break for any hotels, regardless if it’s a 1 star, 2 stars, 3 stars, 4 stars or 5 stars, if the service is bad, never go there. You’re a paying customer and you deserve better. The last thing you want is to worry about your stay in the hotel because of crappy food, bad room service, bedbugs, slow internet connection and so on. So before you book a room, it pays to do some research about the pros and cons of staying in that hotel, including the ratings and what other people has to say about it.

5-star ratings in a hotel are tricky because there has been no universal guideline in rating a hotel as one. It varies solely country per country that you are visiting. Some are based on the size, some are based on the services and so on. That is why as visitors you need to be aware of this and not just take a 5-star hotel at face value. Ofcourse when booking for a hotel it does add great comfort if you stay in a 5-star hotel, but more importantly, you need to consider the things that matter the most like location, price, and service. In Malaysia, a country located in South East Asia and a tourist haven, there is a 5-star resort hotel in Malaysia that you need to check out. Click the hyperlink to find out.

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