Few things you should know before changing your tires

·        Tread pattern:

Tread pattern on the tire can help you identify whether you should change the tire or not. If the tread is worn out and is seen no more, you must replace the tire soon. Never use the worn out tire on the road because it will burst any moment, putting you in a risk of an accident.

·        Coin test:

The coin test is another way to check if your tires are ok or not. Take a coin and place it in the tread pattern of the tire. If one third of the coin sinks into the pattern, it means they are fine and they don’t need replacement, but if they do not sink at all, it means that your tire is now worn out and you must change it soon.

·        Gauge or indicator:

If you don’t have that much experience with tires and cars, you must buy an indicator or gauge to check the tread patterns on the tires. These instruments help you to check whether your tires need replacement or they are fine to go. Take them in your hand and put them between the treads of the tires. There are markings on the gauge. If it sinks too much between them, it means that your tire is not that damage and you don’t need to change them at all. If it does not sink too much, consider replacing your tire immediately.

·        Abnormal bulges:

If the conditions of your tires are not good, you must not wait for 6 years to pass by before you change them. You must immediately do it. Before you change the tires, make sure that they don’t have any abnormal bulges or irregular pattern on it. This indicates that they are not that fit to use and you must replace them as soon as you can.

·        6 year plan:

No matter what kind of tires you are using for your vehicle, you must follow the 6 year plan. According to it, you must replace your tires after 6 years. This will help you ensure the safety of your family. If you don’t know where to do that, Tire Change Dubai can help you with it. So, if you have any issue, contact them. They have the best quality tires, which are available at cheaper rates than the market. This way, it won’t be a burden on your pocket too.

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