Towns with ancient temples near Chennai

Many of us are thankful for a lot of things that God has bestowed us with and many of us are also willing to have one of our unsaid wishes fulfilled. For both the segments, one place that can give their mind peace is the temple.  If you are the resident of Chennai then achieving this peace of mind is easier for you as there are many Towns with ancient temples near Chennai, some of which we will be covering in the article. To name a few are Tirupati, Vellore, Kanchipuram, Srikalahastietcetera.


You can avail the benefits of the Chennai to Tirupati taxi service for exploring this beautiful place. It islocated at a distance of 134 km from Chennaiin the extreme southeast of Andhra Pradesh. It is popular as the pilgrimage city and is often referred to as the synonym to Tirumala which is again one of the sacred temple towns popular for Sri Venkateswara Temple. A 2 day trip is more than sufficient to explore the place in case you have shortage of leaves available from the office or the college.


It is located at a convenientdistance of 75 km from Chennai that can be easily covered in a couple of days. This place is one of the most popular temple towns in addition to being the headquarters of Kanchipuram district. Kanchipuram experiences a rich historical background. Also, it is one of the oldest cities in India popular for its grandeur and the great architecture which is trendsetting housing great sculpture work in addition to the unique style setting a benchmark for the South Indian architecture.

Balamurugan Temple

It is situated in the Ratnagiri district near Vellore. Balamurugan Temple is one of the ancient temple is located on the top of the hillock atRatnagiri.

The Ratnagiri Temple is devoted to Lord Murugan. In this temple, you will find two diverse forms of the deity, one of them is the Lord Thirukkolam that is seen with his wives Valli as well as Devasena. There is another one that is Lord Gurukkolam.  One of the most attractive features of the place is the Chola architecture. Here you will find the idols of Ganesha, Dakshinamurthy, Murugan, Brahma, Durga, as well asChandikeswarar. Also, you will find here 2 temples for Lord Vinayaka. The best way to travel is the car. You can avail the Chennai to Vellore car rental services that are available at pocket friendly prices and are very comfortable to enjoy the short distance travel in the weekends.

All in all, these are the Towns with ancient temples near Chennai. You may visit these places anytime you like as visiting these places require just a day or two as these are quite close to Chennai. People from all around the nation specially plan visit to these places by arranging for a week of, but you lucky fellows can enjoy the same by just devoting a weekend for the same.

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